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Nurse Salary in Oman

Sultanate of Oman is an Arab state in southwest Asia on the southeast coast of the Arabian Peninsula, between the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, and Persian Gulf, also bordering with Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. The Government of Oman is an absolute monarchy in which all power rests with the sultan. The main religion is Ibadhi Muslim (which 75% of the religious population), followed by Sunni Muslims, Shi′ia Muslims and Hindus. With the capital in Muscat, currency in Omani Rial (R.O 1/- approximately $ 2.59/-) and official language is Arabic.

Work as a staff nurse
in Sultanate of Oman, the MOH Oman requires B.Sc. Nursing or equivalent plus 2 years experience/Pre-Degree or Higher Secondary + Diploma in Nursing of 3 years duration + 3 years experience in Midwifery, A/E, Maternity, Labour Room SCBU/Neonatal ICU, ICU, CCU,and Paediatrics.

The salary as staff nurse : R.O 275/- + 12.5% professional allowance per month, Electricity Allowance R.O 12/-, Water Allowance R.O 8/-, Food Allowance R.O 34.375/- and R.O 80/- as cost of living expenses. So per month will be arround R.O 409.375/- , or approximately $ 1.100/- per month.

Other benefit; Annual leave 38 days, transport allowance, and economy class air-tickets at initial appointment and on final exit. Medical treatment within the Sultanate of Oman according to prevailing regulations.

Many hospital in Sultanate Oman such; The Royal Hospital, MOH Oman, Seeb,(Tel: +968-24599000 and Fax. : +968-24594460). Website : http://www.royalhospital.med.com.
Badr Al Samaa Group of Hospitals, Ruwi (Tel +968-24799761 and +968-24799762, Fax. : +968-24799765). Website : http://www.badralsamaahospitals.com.
Sahara Hospitality Co. SAOG, Muscat (Tel: +968-24590075 and Fax. : +968-24593105). Website : http://www.sahara.com
Apollo Medical Center, Muscat (Tel: +968-24787766 and Fax. : +968-24700093). Website : http://www.apollomuscat.com.
Al Bashayer Medical Centre, Mina Al Fahal (Tel: +968-24488666 and Fax. : +968-24488660)
Al Bashayer Medical Centre, Madinat Sultan Qaboos (Tel: +968-24780606 and Fax. : +968-24780606).
Al Bashayer Medical Centre, Muttrah (Tel: +968-24566435 and Fax. : +968-24566436)
Hamdan Hospital and Al-Razi Group Polyclinics, Salalah (Tel: +968-23212-340 and Fax. : +968-23212-342).
Salalah Private Hospital, Salalah (Tel: +968-23293997 and Fax. : +968-23290122).
Al-Amal Medical & Health Care Centre, Muscat (Tel: +968-24485822 and Fax. : +968-24486298).
Al-Rimah Medical Centre LLC, Ruwi (Tel: +968-24700515 and Fax. : +968-24708939).

The climate in the coast of Oman is particularly humid and hot, with cool breezes which coming off the Indian Ocean, however in the center Oman, it is arid, hot and very dry all year round.

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