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Information about Nursing salary for Nurses who want to work abroad, Nurses salary in Kuwait, Nurses salary in Emirates, Nursing salary in Saudi Arabia, Nurses salary in Australia, Nursing salary in America and also Nursing salary in Europe countries.

Nurse Salary in Belgium

Kingdom of Belgium is a federal monarchy in Western Europe, with Capital city of Brussels, founding member of the European Union with an area of 30,528 square kilometers (11,787 sq mi), and it has a population of about 11 million people. Belgium is home to two main linguistic groups; Dutch-speaking, about 59% of the population and the French-speaking, comprises 41% of all Belgians.
The Belgian economy is heavily service-oriented, with strongly globalized economy and highly industrialized region helped make it the world's 15th largest trading nation.
To work as a nurse in Belgium must apply to the Ministry of Public Health via NARIC Center, in order to be recognized their qualifications. Once the Ministry gives its approval, the nurse can practice anywhere in Belgium.
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Nurse Salary in Saudi Arabia

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the largest Arab state in Western Asia by land area with around 27 million Saudi nationals and 5,5 million foreigners living in (2013). Saudi Arabia with unitary state Islamic absolute monarchy is the world's second largest oil reserves and the world's sixth largest natural gas reserves, was categorized as a high income economy with 19th highest GDP in the world.
Salaries as a nurse working in Saudi Arabia are varying, depending on the hospital where are you work in, the experience field you have and the Country where you are recruited from.
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